Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Announcing Naked Week

It appears I am quite grumpy this week. And to top that off, I had a migraine yesterday that has decided to stick around for a whole extra day. Lucky me. In light of putting away four loads of laundry that were washed and dried two days ago, I’ve decided to make next week naked week. Remember this was just after seven loads of laundry on Saturday and I’m expecting about five on Friday after Jeff returns home with his suitcase. If I’m feeling a bit more optimistic by the weekend, I may claim it PJ week. I know there is a part of me somewhere that recognizes it is December and cold and it might not be practical to be naked all week. However, if I do this, please understand that you will be allowed one set of PJs to get you through the week, so please make sure you don’t spill milk or oatmeal on them. One set of PJs consists of one pair of pants and a night shirt to go with them OR one nightgown. Since our home is always about 70 degrees, I see no point in wearing pants, a night gown and a shirt over that. Technically that is two pairs of jammies at one time. Is there really a need for that? I figure since you all wear PJs only once before they are washed, wearing the same ones all week might teach you something. Going naked might teach you more, so I’m still with naked, though I do realize you won’t really learn anything from it - but I could just relax laundry free for a week and make you think about all the things you could be learning from it. I do appreciate that Arwen at the ripe old age of six loves to put her laundry away, but I’m also not so sure that’s enough for me to want to wash hers next week. It is a school weeks, so I think I’ll have to allow uniforms. Thank you and enjoy your clothing this week because next up is naked week! Oh, and while I’m at it….I’m trying to gather all the Little People together to give Santa room to give you new and better toys, so please stop taking them and hiding them. Santa said he doesn’t want to see Little People in this house anymore and he may not actually leave us presents unless the last two animals from the zoo are returned.