Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring stuff

I really need to keep better track of the super cute things my kids do and say. I’m sorry for them that I haven’t kept track of every detail. Zoe was looking at cards with pictures and words yesterday and she held one up that said igloo. Before she got to that one, I would ask her what the picture was then what the letter represented was and what the word was. She’s only three and a half, so she’s not reading yet, but she does know those letters. We went through a few words, like ring, web, dog, robot and apple. When we got to I and igloo, I asked her what the picture was and she said, ‘polar bear house.’ It was so cute and in my head I could see her envisioning polar bears building this igloo to live in. I asked her if she thought people might live in an igloo or if just bear live in them and she said, ‘just polar bears.’ So cute!
Today I took the kids to the book fair at school to pick out a few books. Arwen was having a hard time picking things out and Zoe said she didn’t want any books. I finally got Arwen to pick the ones she wanted and Zoe saw in the middle school section a book called, ‘Solving Zoe.’ She walked up to it, grabbed it and said, ‘Look, Z-O-E!’ I just said, ‘yep, Z-O-E, that’s your name.’ She had picked her book. I tried to tell her it was like a Mommy book with no pictures and not really a story I could read to her. She threw a complete fit right there in the room. I tried to explain it to her again and then finally asked her to sit in the hallway and wait for me. I ended up buying her a Cars book and a fairy book. She held that against me for hours! But hopefully tomorrow she’ll appreciate the new books and forget about ‘Solving Zoe.’

This week Nolan has fallen in love with The Lorax. He picked out a Lorax stuffed animal at Kohl’s and has been carrying it around for days. He’s so sweet and funny. When he gets a hold of one of his blankets or a stuffed animal, he’ll hug it, put his head down on it and sigh and smile. He’s such a sweet little cuddly guy!

Arwen is excited to leave in two days for Virginia. She’s telling everyone she sees that we are going and who we are going to see. Arwen is a wonderful big sister. I rely on her so much more than I ever should, but she’s so wonderful with Zoe and Nolan.