Friday, January 22, 2010

I can't imagine that kind of pain

I joined more than a hundred people tonight at Town Hall to show our support for a family that had to say goodbye to their three year old son just yesterday. His mother put her son down for his nap earlier in the afternoon and at 4:30, went into his room with his four year old sister to wake him. Together they found him hanging by the cord on his window blinds. He had been accidently strangled. Paramedics arrived soon after and pronounced him dead.
I can’t imagine the emotions she felt. I can begin to think of what she had to tell her daughter who was in the room with her when she found him. I can only hope the first responders were able to sleep last night after coming to such a scene. Daniel just turned three years old in October. He was just a few weeks younger than Zoe. I don’t know why he was picked to leave this world, and I’m not sure where he has gone. I’m not sure of his room was not considered safe or if he had blinds hanging on his windows much like the ones we have in our home. I remember saying a few years ago I wanted cordless blinds. We got the ‘safe’ ones with cords. After this incident, I’m certain they are not safe at all. I’m not sure what our solution will be since our children don’t seem to play with our blinds, but since Nolan is not yet even 11 months old, we’re not sure if our blinds will create a curiosity we have yet to see in our home.
Each day I try to tell my children how my I love them and how lucky I am to be their mother. I hope we are blessed with years with one another, and I hope they will always know no matter what may come of any of us that everything I do I do for them. For my children, I love you more than I love the sun on my shoulders, more than the pink clouds I see rising in the east each morning, and more than the moon hanging over the mountains on an early November morning. I can’t imagine life without you each day.