Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For my Arwen

For my children. I love you more than you could ever imagine. We know that life is only what we have in the moment. What we don’t know is how to live every moment as if we understand that. Truly understand that. I hope and pray I am with you for a long long time. The time I do spend with you will not be perfect. You won’t be perfect nor will I be perfect. As of now, I can think of things I have done or things I have failed to do with less than perfect results. Nolan is 9 months old – almost 10 months and I adore him so much, but I don’t spend nearly as much time holding him as I would like – or as he would like. Zoe is 3 now and is in preschool 2 days a week. I wanted to spend those other days teaching her to write like I taught Arwen when she was 3 years old. Arwen is in kindergarten and I don’t have as much time to spend teaching her those skills each day like I used to or like I would like. But I do so hope you all look back and know that everything I do each day I do for you and for our family. We do fun things. Today we made Christmas cookies. We made fudge, peppermint bark and 3 batches of cookies. That’s a lot to do with a 5 year old, a three year old and a baby. We had fun. We laughed. I laughed at you guys a lot.
There are some things I want to always remember about each of you. Arwen, you are so tender and loving. You are kind and gentle. You are the most creative person I know. I am glad I am here to give you ideas and to push your creativity. Though I know you will be wonderful at whatever you decide to become when you grow older, there is a part of me that hopes you do become an artist. An illustrator or baker of amazing cakes. A writer or painter. I hope that art gallery you told me you’d open a few months ago opens soon and as close to me as possible. I’d try to view your art each and every day. I can’t save everything you do, but I save a lot of your pieces and smile as I remember what you were doing the day you drew them. No matter the path you choose in life, please remember these paths are your choice and you can always decide a new path, but make your choices with as much knowledge behind as you can gather and know you can do anything. You are strong, you are brave and you are beautiful. You can do it. Try it and don’t ever give up. There is always something new to try.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My first born

Arwen Anne Plummer is my first born child, and she has two younger siblings, Zoe (3 in September) and Nolan, (6 months) who Arwen named. Over the past five years, I have learned as much from her as she has from me. She is smart, sweet, sensitive, and creative. Arwen loves to tell stories and dramatic play is one of her favorite ways to spend her time. She can also spend hours drawing new characters for a book she’d like to publish one day. When she feels her characters are done and her story is ready to be told, I will publish in a make your own book for us to keep and look back on one day. Arwen can lose herself in books and stories, and the days when she can put those words on the pages into words in her mind, I’m sure I will find her sitting outside enjoying a light breeze until her latest book is read from cover to cover more than a few times. One of the things I adore about Arwen is her huge heart. Often times she can be found nurturing someone around her. One can see her heart aching when someone near by is hurting. She can often be caught offering some tender loving care to a child she doesn’t even know. With a rub on their back or a hug or by simply reminding them she is near and cares, she makes new friends. In the past couple of months, I’ve watched my oldest baby blossom into a little girl. A girl that offers nurturing to friends and family. A girl that sees the beautiful things in life and will stop and remind us to pause and smell the flowers. She planted a garden this spring and still goes outside each day to enjoy the beautiful blooms. It’s one of my most favorite pieces of my day whether I am with her talking and pointing to each bloom or watching her from afar respect nature and see what wondrous beauty and growth can come from a tiny seed.
To be fair, she is a growing individual and as we all grow, we all face challenges. Each day I remind Arwen to remain positive and to continue to try new things. She’s creative and brave, but also very comfortable within her own walls. New things often frighten her and make her nervous. Often times if she feels she can’t do something, she’ll give up and not do it. As we all need reminding at times, I try to remind her that with practice we can all become good at something. The smile I see on her face when she tries and succeeds is priceless.

Stephanie Plummer

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some favorite quotes from the first week of school

Mommy, my poopy headache in my hiney doesn’t hurt now. Zoe Aug 17, 2009

The girls got apple cupcakes to celebrate their first day of school. Zoe said, Mommy, this is so ‘de wicious’

Today ends the last day of the first week of Kindergarten for Arwen. Zoe had preschool two days this week as well. Overall it went fairly well. Zoe loves school. Yesterday she said school is her most favorite. She also really likes her teacher, Ms. Wheaton.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Each morning I wake up, open the curtains in our bedroom and fill my lungs with the warm air that follows the butterflies. The butterflies are in my dreams. They guide you to me each night when my eyes are closed. Before I went to sleep, I said a prayer for you. I prayed for your safety and for your return into our home. With a few tears to remind myself I am human, my heavy heart begins to fill with pride. I can’t imagine what you see each day. I dream of your face at night. I can’t tell you the fears I have for you and for those that stand next to you. I could never create a bond with someone here the way you’ve created bonds with those that keep you safe. Those that fight for the freedom I have to open my window each morning and watch the butterflies.

With each hand print, each stroke of paint, with each stitch, we say thank you. Thank you for the pride you carry with you each day to stand for those you do not know. Thank you for your time; the time you give to children that are hurt, women that are forgotten and men that are lost. The time away from those that love you; the time from those you love. To pass on your pride to a stranger you will never see again is a gift only you can give. Thank you.

In this time when you may feel lost and cold and alone, wrap yourself in love. Love from your families, from your friends and from strangers that just want to say thank you. When you are standing for our freedom, when you are rescuing someone from war, when you are fighting an enemy we can’t begin to imagine, stand strong, be well and fight free. When you are sick or wounded, wrap yourself in this quilt and know you are loved. You are not forgotten. Your pride lies in your country. Our pride lies in you. Be warm. Be safe. Thank you.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mother in law Chronicles

So we went to BRU to get our crib today. We had to go to 2 different stores because the first didn't have it in stock. The second is about 7 minutes from MIL's house. So I told Jeff he should call his mother to meet us for lunch. We had to eat anyway and it would get that silly little see her/visit with the kids obligation out of the way. We were about 40 minutes away and Jeff told her that. She said if she rushed, she could be ready in 20 minutes. OK...but why? We're 40 minutes away, do you really need to rush and then wait 20 minutes for us?
We got stuck in traffic and ended up being about 10 minutes late. I tried to call to leave a message, but she didn't answer, so we figured she already left. Then we started to wonder if she really got there 20 minutes early and left because she thought we didn't show up or were too late.
Anyway, we get to Ruby Tuesday. I had to pee - bad! So Jeff dropped me off at the front door and I fiugred I'd see her inside. Nope, I pee and come back to the lobby area and see Jeff and the kids, but no Mother in Law. So we wait about 5 minutes. I told Jeff we should just sit because the kids were hungry. It was already 12:30 and they are used to eating between 11 and 12pm. We sit. Fifteen minutes go by and she's still not there. Jeff forgot Zoe's blanket and was about to go out to the car to get it, but I wanted to order lunch first. So we wait 5 more before we can order, then he goes out to the car with Zoe. Now we're wondering if she is at BRU (in the same strip center area) so Jeff says he'll try to look over near their parking lot, but he's at the point where he just doesn't care. Let's eat, get the crib and go home, he says. When he comes back in with the blanket, she's with him. She said she was sitting in her car waiting for us - for over 15 minutes. So, we were going to having lunch in your car? This is Ruby Tuesday, not Sonic. They don't deliver to your car. Why the hell would you not go inside - especially after 15 minutes. And what's really funny is Jeff parked practically front bumper to bumper with her and she still missed him and my van. Oh well.

So then the conversations starts. You may remember the "a lot of restuarants have had freezing pipes problems" comment at Christmas dinner... That thought being based on one Denny's where BIL works having that very problem. She starts talking about the baby and how large I am. I know, she's so polite. But hey, at least she didn't come in telling strangers she'll have to strap me to the roof of the car like they did the dead grandmother in the movie Vacation, like she did years ago when I was pregnant. Evidently my van is large enough to hold me still. I had a CRV back then...must have been too small. So then she says, "Every body is having boys lately" The response that came to mind, "Yes, Nancy, didn't you get the newsletter from God? He's decided not to make girls anymore." But what I actually said was, "My friend, Amy, just had a girl." Still smartass, but not as much as what I was thinking. So then she started talking about 'that girl from Days of Our Lives", Alison Sweeney I guess....who by the way just had a girl. She didn't get the memo from God.

A bit later she said, I bet you can't wait until April! I'm due March 6th. So the smartass in me comes out and asks why can't I wait until April??? She said, "well, you know when all of this is over."
"All of what, Nancy?"
"The baby, when the baby is born."
I just simply said, like it's been my plan all along, "This baby will be here next month." I think I only have smart ass in me at this point.
She looked shocked and then back tracked and said, well, you know. When he's here and it's spring.
Yeah, because I'm looking forward to a few flowers I won't be able to stop and smell because I'll be stuck inside with a newborn nursing, crying and sleeping oh and two other kids with school and what not going on. I have nothing else going on...bring on the flowers.

So...at some point we leave. We walk to our car and I can see her car sitting right in front my mine, and remember I was dropped off, so I don't even know where everyone parked. She was walking across the parking lot in the opposite direction. I yelled out, "Nancy, aren't you parked over here?"
And I hear in the whiney, the sky is not blue just because I won't agree with you at all voice, "Nnnoooo?"
So I aksed Jeff. Isn't that her car? She still wandering and searching for her car. Finally she turns and heads our way. We say goodbye. Jeff and I have the kids buckled in and we are getting in when we see her back up without looking behind her. OK. Lucky. We back out and we are at the end of the parking lot when we turn and see her still sitting there crooked in her just backed up position but now with a car behind her waiting for her to move forward and drive on. Jeff just says, "She's confused. She doesn't know how to get out of the parking lot." It was a sad moment. I think he was right. We waited at a stop sign for a minute until we saw her move and then catch up to us. Sad sad...and yet so annoying at the same time.