Thursday, December 25, 2008

Will you be having sex after dinner?

The mother in law chronicles are long and in many places like written treasures. This was written after Christmas dinner 2008...and it's true and only a snippet of the fun she brings to my life.

Usually after a big holiday, you all read how crazy my mother in law is. This year I'm not going to say she's crazy...I don't have to; you already know. I'm happy to say she didn't find a way to hide a knife in toy she gave my children, she didn't ask Jeff and I at Christmas dinner if we were going to have sex after everyone left, and she didn't say anything about the way I look like I'm so big they need to tie me to the hood of a car like they did the grandmother in the movie Vacation or is there a chance I am pregnant again.
OK, so when she walked in, I had to ask Jeff to ask her to be quiet and then I had to tell her to be quiet because the girls were sleeping. Oh and the girls did wake up after only about a hour long nap, but what can she possibly say. She has the most shrill voice I've ever heard and in the Christmas excitement, I think it was so high only my children and the neighborhood dogs could hear her. She and my brother in law gave everyone great gifts, so who could complain?
So today, for the fans of my mother in law stories, I'm going to take a walk down memory lane.