Thursday, May 29, 2008


The excitement of a few tornadoes in an area where tornadoes don’t usually form was almost too much for me to handle Thursday, but after a day of being Mommy on a safety mission and a small meltdown when Jeff returned home safely from Ohio where he had to undergo tornado safety training before working in the plant for a few days, I am fine but still looking at our vast skies from the eyes of a four year old. Arwen spent the night in my bed and now says over and over that if a tornado comes, we need to go to the basement. That has evolved to if a spider comes we should go to the basement and if the cat bites us, he should go to the basement.
I think as a parent, I did pretty well explaining to my almost but not quite four year old daughter, and her baby sister, Zoe, who was just along for the ride and follows Arwen around like a little puppy dog.
The call from my frantic mother came over my cell phone around 11:15 am. I was on my way to pick Arwen up from school, which by the way is in temporary trailers while the school is being built. I answer the phone only to find out Mom has been looking for me for a long time. I don’t know, two minutes, maybe three?? She tells me to get Arwen then go home and get in the basement. Ummm, aren’t there spiders down there? But since we will be finishing it soon, I guess going down there to get it organized and cleaned up would hurt anyone a bit. And now knowing we are a mere thirty minutes closer to Kansas and one mile wide tornado closer to Oz, I think finishing the basement just moved to a higher priority. I think if it were finished, with wet bar, TV room, bedroom and bathroom and more, we could be down there all day and never miss a beat! If I ever have to go through another day like Thurday, May 22, 2008 again, the wet bar will definitely be in order.
So I get to the trailers to get Arwen, talk to the few parents that are lingering, the staff and head home. Before getting to the school, I stopped at a park and tell a friend to come over. She is so relaxed where I am so high strung, so she stayed and played and then drove home while I was calling her and telling her to come to my house and my basement. It was after two in the afternoon when I finally let my children go upstairs to nap or play in their rooms. There was no way I was letting them take naps on opposite ends of the house two floors from safety - just in case we needed to head downstairs.