Thursday, September 6, 2007

Time - faster than the speed of light

• Zoe started walking this past Monday. I was so lucky to catch it on video. Arwen started walking around the same age, and that was two years ago! I brought up all of Arwen’s 12 month fall/winter clothes for Zoe to wear this fall and as I was looking through them, I just knew Arwen had worn them last year and there was no way they would fit Zoe. After scrapbooking last night, I started looking through those pictures for the pages I have coming up and there was my little toddler, having just learned to walk wearing those clothes I had just brought up from the basement. No, it was last year that she had worn those clothes; it was in fact two years ago. Now what has happened to the last year? As Jeff and I have always done in our marriage, we managed to make it a hectic and busy year. At the first of the year, we had a three month old, we potty trained a toddler, we decided in the spring to build a new house, suddenly summer hit and we had a three year old just like that, now it's fall and that little three month old that was just learning to coo yesterday is walking. It's taken me all year to get used to having two kids. Now I know they are mine and I am used to having both of them attached to me all the time, I just don't know where the last year went. And some of you do this almost every year! WOW~

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Sweetest Little Girl

Tonight I had a few friends over to scrapbook and Arwen had a tough time going to bed. She wanted to read lots of books and wanted to know what I was going to be doing downstairs with the other Mommies. About ten minutes after putting her down, lighting her stars, turning on her moon and leaving her room, she comes downstairs with one Minnie Mouse slipper on one foot and tells me she needs her other slipper before she can go to bed. The two of us go upstairs together and find her other slipper in bed hidden beneath a princess blanket. I bid her goodnight again and head back downstairs to work on the scrapbook I haven't seen in well over a year. I look at the pictures of her from two years ago and wonder with a small tear in my eye who that little girl is in that picture. Before I can recover from the emotion a three year old walking into the kitchen brings me back to the present. She looks around at the faces around here. Faces that she sees a lot, but is probably unsure of since they do not have toddlers attached to them at the moment. She finds my face and says, "I have to go potty" So we head upstairs together again. Now as soon as we get into the bathroom, she tells me she is bothering me, so I have to stand out in the hallway.(Yep, she is bothering me) I peek at her through the door – you can do this with your own three year old – and wait until she's done, pretend like I'm just checking on her, knock on the door and come back in. I ask if she went potty; like I didn't know from peeking, and then we head off into her bedroom. Now you may ask what makes all this so sweet…besides the fact that it is all really sweet. When we get to her room, she tells me "I was looking for a present for you everywhere. In the play room, in your room, in the bathroom, and I can't find a present for you." Now I'm starting to think to myself, as us parents do too often, you are just trying to keep me here a little longer because there are people downstairs. And though I'm not showing it yet, I am starting to feel that little sense of impatience coming on. She continues telling me that she wanted to find a really special present for me but couldn't find one in all the places she looked. Then she grabs Pablo off her bed and says "Here, you can have Pablo." She is the sweetest girl I could ask for. Sure she wanted a little extra attention because she knew I had some extra to give since I was giving it to others that were downstairs. But I got a very special gift, not just Pablo, but a sweet thought from my little girl that my pictures are showing is growing too fast! Now Pablo and I must head to bed – I do fear a small meltdown if he is not found in bed with me in the morning!