Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I guess naps were never discussed in the "So you want to have a baby" classes Jeff and I took when I was pregnant. If they were, I may not have so many questions about naps. Do we skip the morning nap, do I force the afternoon nap, should I drive 50 miles out of my way so the baby can sleep - this question is usually asked about 10 minutes from out destination.

Arwen has friends her age that don't take a morning nap. And it would seem that we'll never see them as long as we stay on this current schedule. Arwen likes to wake up at 6am. Her friends sleep until 8am or longer. By the time they are getting ready for the day, Arwen is waving to everything in the house. She does this wave thing to let me know that she's ready to sleep. This way neither of us has to actually say the word nap or the word sleep.

I thought at first that maybe I needed to work on getting her some new friends that she would stay awake to see. But everyday I watch her stare out the dining room window and say these words "Jack, Joe, Jack, Jackie!!", as she look at Jackson and Joseph's house. So I am now sure that her friends fall far above the acceptable line, and I have decided that she just wakes up too early to keep up with her friends.

Which in the end is good, because who has time to get new friends!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

She did it!

I left Arwen naked for about an hour and a half tonight and put her on the potty every 20 minuted or so. Just when I was doing the last potty trip and about to put her in her diaper and PJs. she peed on the potty!

She got so excited, I was so happy and excited for her - then she cried. She skipped a nap today and was ready for bed at 7pm, but I kept her going. I think once she knew we were putting on jammies, she was ready to show just how worn out she was.

I hope I can keep going. I know peeing on the potty the first time isn't a big deal, and I know after 1.5 hours, she was ready and would have done it on the floor or wherever she was at the moment, but I am excited for her!

Arwen potty training day 1

Potty Time Day 1
Arwen has been talking about her poop for quite some time now, so back in December I decided to buy her a Royal Potty. As soon as I sat her on it she cried. Santa was on his way, so we decided to give her a break with the potty and wait until after the new year to introduce it to her. For a few weeks I asked her about her potty, she'd get real excited and run over to it, put one foot in the bowl and stand in it. This isn't going to be easy, is it?

Time for another try. I start by telling her when I am going to the potty. I sang songs, I did the potty dance and get her attention enough to come into the bathroom with me when I went. Once she was in the bathroom, it became a different story. Suddenly, the cat food or the tower of toilet paper was more exciting than watching Mommy pee.

So I decided I would wake up bright and early today, get showered before she woke up and the moment I heard her awake, I would begin Operation Potty. I bought a training seat to go over the toilet in her room since the Royal Potty is only good for standing. Promptly at 6am, my alarm clock went off and then again at clockwork. And like a woman that hasn't depended on an alarm clock in almost 2 years, I rolled over again telling myself five more minutes never hurt anyone. Somewhere around 6:30am, I heard Arwen playing. I had two options. Get up, shower and just let her pee in her diaper, or get her up, and sit her on the potty with both of us only half awake. I opted to wait until I had at least one cup of coffee and she was a bit happier.

Somewhere around 9am, I was feeling a bit awake and had to pee a bit myself, so we came up stairs and talked about the potty. I asked her if she had to pee in the potty. And she emphatically said "YES!"

Well, this is going to be easier than I thought. So I brought her favorite potty book into the bathroom, took her sleeper and diaper off and sat her on the potty. She didn't try to put her foot in it and stand up, but she did want "Down-da" a few times before she got really comfortable. I read "The New Potty" to her about five times and then asked if she needed to pee in the potty. Again a very
enthusiastic "Yes!"

Now she was reading the book and I was telling a story about a little girl names Arwen that relaxed, read a book and then peed on the potty. A couple of minutes later, she was ready to get down. When I asked if she needed to pee on the potty, she said "no"

I'm not going to push it and at this point I was hoping for a bit more coffee. Note to self, bring more than one book into the bathroom with you next time.

So she goes down for a nap. And when she wakes up, I rush into her room, thinking I will strip her down, put her on the potty and she will pee!
As soon as I picked her up, I felt the warmth spreading across her diaper. Too late. Off to lunch.

In the afternoon, I reintroduced her to the Royal Potty. Every time she stepped in it and stood there like king of the throne, I picked her up and played a game called let's sit on the potty. I kept her naked for about an hour and decided that it might be best to go back upstairs where the potty is on the toilet. She can't climb that and seems to enjoy sitting on it.

Upstairs, she sat on the potty, we read a book, played with a duck and she told me YES a few times when I asked if she needed to pee and then she wanted her milk. Immediately thoughts of liquid producing pee ran through my head. "Let's go get your milk," I said; and off we went. I was going to give her about ten minutes of holding her milk cup, drinking it and playing before I asked the question again. A few more sips and the question would be flying out of my mouth.

That's when Arwen said "Pee pee potty!" and peed on my bedroom floor!

We got dressed and went on a few errands. There will be a day two!

Friday, January 6, 2006

Words should be taught by children
Why bother teaching children the proper way of saying a word. Personally, I'd prefer to wake up in the morning and have a big cup of "fawkey" to wake me up before I start the day. Arwen is starting to put real words into sentences now, but I miss the days, you know last month, when potatoes were "Toe Pees" and coffee was "fawkey".

She still says down-da when she no longer wants to be in her highchair and she says climb when she wants me to pick her up, but lately her cutest thing is saying
"Ein tine" when you draw a picture of a face with hair sticking straight up. This of course is from the Baby Einstein videos. I wonder if she will be disappointed when she discovers Einstein was not just a stick figure's face on a children's video.

So I say grab a cup of fawkey and learn a few things from your children for a change.