Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mommy = Barbie

Mommy = Barbie
I am so flattered. Arwen has on three different occasions pointed to a picture of Barbie and said Mommy.

She did it one day last week when we were at Kohl's. I was looking at Hallmark ornaments and there was a box of wrapping paper sitting at her eye level. She kept pointing and saying Mommy Mommy Mommy. Not trying to get my attention, but matter of fact like. As we left I asked what she was looking at and she said Mommy again. I looked and it was Barbie wrapping paper.

Then she did it at Michaels when we were standing in line. There were stickers of Dora (who she knows) and Barbie at the counter. She pointed to the blonde Babrie and said Mommy and the brunette Babrie and said doll.

Yesterday she said it again, so I starting to feel a little flattered that my daughter thinks I am Barbie. One day she'll know the truth....for now I'll let her believe in Santa Claus too.