Sunday, August 15, 2004

A Day in the Life...

of a stay at home mom...
My day.
Goals: 3 mile walk in the morning
3:15pm doctor's appointment in Thornton (leave at 2pm to arrive
early enough to feed Arwen before appointment)
We get out of bed at 9am after about 4 hours of sleep total between midnight
and 9am.
Feed Arwen - that takes about 30 minutes. Get dressed in walking clothes &
change her from a sleeper to a onesie.
We leave the house at 9:50am for our walk....she will be hungry again at
Return from walk at 10:45am.
She is happily sitting in her carseat attached to her stroller, so I leave
her there and make breakfast for myself - a rare occasion.
While I make breakfast, she begins the pooping session. I am
happy....singing a little song about her pooping and Mommy eating breakfast.
When I get the eggs and toast on a plate, she begins to cry. Ok, I can
eat one handed. So I pile my food, milk, and vitamins on the table in the
living room and prepare ti get her ready to eat too.
Here we go. It's now 11am (we have to leave the house in 3 hours). I
pull her out of the carseat to find her covered in POOP! Yep! Poop. And
let me tell you, it's not pretty. It's all over her onsie, on her legs, on
her hands, her arms..and you guessed it, in a little puddle in the bottom of
her carseat. And she is screaming.
So Super Mommy kicks into action. I get her cleaned up, a clean diaper,
attach her to the boob to eat and I begin to eat my now cold eggs and toast.
11:15am. I must now take apart her carseat and clean it up because we
will need it in just under 3 hours to drive to Thornton. So it begins, but
I don't know how to get the seatbelt out, so I have to call Jeff (who is in
Atlanta) and ask him. In ten minutes, I have the fabric in the washing
machine and I am rinsing out the shell in the sink. Arwen is happy in her
bouncy seat.
Perfect time for a shower....maybe she will sleep. So we take her bouncy
chair upstairs, rock her to sleep, hop into shower. Before I get out of the
shower, she is crying.
Get out of shower, soothe baby, throw on clothes, dab on a bit of
make-up so I don't look like the walking dead, and Arwen is crying again.
Run downstairs to throw carseat fabric in dryer. Back upstairs.... Turn on
hairdryer (remember this...hairdryers, vacuums, and fans create white noise
that will quiet a baby in seconds) Dry hair half way before she begins
crying again...(no amount of white noise will quiet a hungry baby.) It's
now 12:45pm and it's time for her lunch. Feed her....rushing through it.
We now have an hour to dry the carseat fabric, the seatbelts, and the shell,
put it all back together (how do you do that - note to self, may have to
call Jeff again), give her a bath...because baby wipes don't really
hygienically clean up poop, dress her, gather items for diaper bag, hit the
1pm....She's eaten, but maybe not enough to make her happy for very long.
Take the bouncy seat back downstairs, put her in it and try to reassemble
the carseat. Wait...the seatbelts are still wet. Back upstairs to get
hairdryer. Arwen is crying. Pick her up, turn on hairdryer, and dry
seatbelts. Pull fabric out of dryer. Reassemble. Not too difficult, but
she is now loudly, I am quite surprised that social services
didn't knock on my door.
Put screaming Arwen in carseat to see if it's all correct.
belt is backwards. Try again. did I do the same thing twice?
Oh well, we have to move.
Bath time. Get baby bath tub from downstairs bathroom. oops, last time
I was upstairs, I remembered to get her clothes but forgot the towel and
washcloth. Go get those things. (Trip one up the stairs) Oops, where's
her body wash? Oh, my bathroom. Trip two up the stairs. Wash
baby. This she likes...until it's time to get out....buuurrr. It's cold.
So she cries. All through drying her off, diapering and dressing.
hummmm....this new outfit is still a bit too big. Trip three back up
stairs. Get duck dress. Dress screaming baby. oops, forgot duck
socks....what trip is this again...up those stairs...with Arwen in my arms?
I will lose this extra weight in no time.
So she is too upset to leave. At 1:50pm, I sit down with a clean baby,
a clean carseat and rock her to sleep. At 2pm, she is sound asleep in her
carseat ready to go. Now I need, watch, shoes, and a diaper bag ready to
go. At 2:15pm, we are out the door.
A little late, but we did it. We pull into the doctor's parking lot at
3pm and I feed her. But she wants to play and doesn't eat very long. We
have to go inside, so change her diaper, back in the carseat, refill diaper
bag, and inside we go.
10 minute appointment....doc says I look exhausted. No kidding. He
clears me for normal activity. (If he only knew how much activity I have
been getting....should I have not made 20 trips up and down the stairs in
one morning with a 10 pound baby in my arms.) And get this he releases my
restrictions on I want to do that again. If I get an
hour.....or even 20 minutes...I am napping. Note to self, tell Jeff I need
another 6 weeks....doc's orders.
All of that worry to get to a 3:15 appointment on time...and at 3:35 we
are out the door.
On our way to Kim's house to see Kim and Kendall. And to feed since Arwen
didn't eat enough and was crying in doc's office. Drive 10 minutes. Get
there and Arwen wants to sleep for an hour!!!
now????? not when I needed her to sleep, not when she was screaming
while I was trying to get her carseat back together....not when we can sleep
at the same time. No, she wants to sleep when we are at a friends house an
hour away from home.
So, an hour later, se eats a little bit...and sleeps again. Kim holds
her while I take her carseat apart again and finally fix the belt that I
backwards. And she sleeps again. Just before 6pm, we drive home. She
eats....and I think she'll go to sleep since I haven't eaten since
breakfast, but she wants to be held...and she wants to cry.
So I nuke the chili I slow cooked all day Monday and eat standing at the
counter with her in one arm and the hairdryer on to soothe her.
Now it's almost 3am...I should be sleeping, but she just ate and needs to
be rocked back to sleep....I am waiting for her swing to do that.
Oh....and the chili, by the way. It was very good - I make good chili.
But after cooking it for 8 hours yesterday, I realized last night that I
didn't put any spices in it. After I ate my first bowl, I was on the phone
with Jeff and I told him it was good, but not as spicy as usual. But I was
happy about that because I didn't want anything too spicy that might upset
Arwen's tummy. While on the phone, I open the pantry to see all of my
spices, chili powder, etc...sitting right in from of me, unopened!
So basically, my chili was meat, beans, rotel and spicy V8.
Don't let anyone tell you being a mother is easy.
I hope to see you soon, but I want to be sane when I do. Tomorrow is a
break day. I plan on taking a walk and nothing else. Thursday is zoo day.
So maybe next week.